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No matter your age or income level, it is important to plan for the future. In addition to making decisions about how you want your affairs to be handled after your death, you will also want to make sure that your own needs will be met throughout your lifetime. This is why estate planning is important for everyone. In order to protect your right to make decisions for yourself, your ability to provide for yourself financially, and the legacy you plan to leave, you need someone who can provide experienced legal guidance.

Frozena Law LLC is here to help with your estate planning needs and address your elder law concerns. We will work with you to be sure you fully understand the options available to you as you make decisions about ownership of your assets, your end-of-life care, and your last wishes. With a background in drafting and administering estate plans, financial services, business operations and management, and taxation, Attorney Angela Frozena is prepared to provide the guidance you need both now and in the future. To learn more, contact us at 262-237-8668 to schedule a consultation.

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A comprehensive estate plan is as important during your life as it is at your death. It involves more than just stating who you would like to inherit the property you own after your death. Estate planning is also life planning – it includes who will manage your financial affairs and health care if you are either temporarily or permanently unable to, along with what actions you should take during your life to help make your future plans a reality.

While setting down your wishes for how to distribute your property at death in a will is an important step that everyone should take, it is important to consider all the options available for distributing your assets to your heirs, during life and at death, while also ensuring that you will be able to meet your own needs throughout the rest of your life. In many cases, living trusts provide a good option for managing and distributing assets both during your life and after your death, but you may also want to explore other methods of legacy planning, including special needs trusts or non-probate assets. If you support any charitable causes, you should also consider how charitable planning will factor into the decisions you make.

Another key consideration of a comprehensive estate plan is how you want decisions to be made about your financial affairs and the care you want to receive if you are unable to make decisions for yourself as you get closer to the end of your life. You may want to establish powers of attorney for healthcare or finances and name a person who is authorized to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated or cannot make decisions on your own. Advance directives can also be used to specify what types of medical care you do or do not want to receive. By incorporating these decisions into your estate plan, you can help ensure the continuous management of your financial resources and prepare to work together with your loved ones to maintain the quality of life you deserve.


If you want to be sure that a person you trust will be able to make decisions for you when you are unable to do so, you can create a power of attorney agreement for healthcare or finances. A power of attorney for healthcare allows a person (known as your agent) to make decisions about the medical care you will or will not receive. A power of attorney for finances allows your agent to manage your financial affairs. Your agent must make decisions consistent with what they know your wishes are, even if they personally disagree. If they do not know your wishes on a particular matter, they must act in your best interest. You can give your agent broad authority to make decisions related to your financial or health care needs, or you can limit their authority to certain types of decisions. Depending on your needs, we can help you create a power of attorney agreement that will be active immediately, will go into effect if you become incapacitated, or will only be in effect for a limited time or under specific circumstances.

Commercial Business Law

Commercial Business Law

At Frozena Law LLC we can assist you with business formation, contract drafting and/or reviewing, succession planning, or other commercial law matters.



We assist individual taxpayers with preparing and filing income and gift tax returns, and fiduciaries with filing taxes on behalf of a deceased person's estate or trust.

Real Estate

Real Estate

We assist buyers and sellers with residential real estate transactions, including review of agreements with real estate agents, purchase contract review, and drafting of deeds.

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