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As a parent, your children's well-being is your first priority. However, you may not always be there to care for your children, and when planning for your life's journey, you will want to address what should happen if the unexpected occurs. This includes making decisions about guardianship for your minor children if you ever become unable to care for them. 

If you wish to nominate a person to serve as a guardian for your children, or if you need to establish guardianship for a minor child who is in your care, Frozena Law LLC can provide you with representation throughout the legal process. We will offer compassionate guidance on how to approach the challenges you may face while ensuring that you understand your rights and working with you to determine the best way to address your family's needs.

Minor Guardianship in Wisconsin

There are a variety of situations in which a person may be unable to care for their child, including a parent's death, disability, incapacitation, or unfitness. In many cases, other family members or loved ones step in to provide the care the child needs. While these caregivers may make informal agreements with the children's parents, establishing legal guardianship provides additional protections and benefits to all parties involved. For example, a legal guardian is authorized to make decisions about children's medical care and education, and they may be eligible to receive public aid or other types of financial support.

A parent may nominate a person to serve as the guardian of their minor children in their will, or a person may file a petition to establish legal guardianship for a child. Guardianship can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary guardianships will last for 60 days, with the option for an extension of an additional 60 days. Permanent guardianship is necessary if a person will be serving as a child's guardian for longer than 120 days.

Wisconsin law recognizes two types of guardianship: guardianship of the person and guardianship of the estate. A guardian of the person can make legal decisions on the child's behalf, and a guardian of the estate can make decisions about the child's finances. Typically, a person who cares for a minor child will be a guardian of the person, but they may also be named a guardian of the estate if the child owns financial assets or receives financial support such as Social Security payments.

In minor guardianship cases, an attorney known as a guardian ad litem (GAL) will be appointed by the court. The GAL will serve as an advocate for the child's best interests. They will meet with the parties involved and make a recommendation to the court as to whether granting the request for guardianship is in the child's best interests.

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When establishing guardianship for a minor child, it is essential to follow the proper procedures. Frozena Law LLC can help you understand your rights in these cases, and we will work with you to complete and file the proper forms while providing representation in court hearings.

Decisions about who will care for your children if you are unable to are an important part of a comprehensive estate plan. To ensure that your children's best interests will be protected, contact us today at 262-237-8668 to schedule an appointment. We provide legal help to families in Kenosha, Union Grove, Racine, Sturtevant, Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, Lake Geneva, and Bristol.

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