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Everyone's journey through life is different, but regardless of what you do for work, whether you have close family relationships or not, or how much property you own, it is important to plan for the future. When determining how to handle your financial affairs, leave the property you own to your loved ones, and meet your own needs throughout your life, having an experienced legal advisor on your side can make all the difference.

Frozena Law LLC provides dedicated and compassionate guidance to people in all walks of life. Whether you want to protect your assets and help ensure that they can be easily passed on to your heirs, address concerns related to business ownership, or complete the purchase or sale of a home, we can provide the legal help you need.

Estate Planning and Elder Law

A comprehensive estate plan not only addresses what will happen after you die, but it can also help ensure that your and your family members' needs are met throughout your life. We can provide legal help with:

  • Wills - We can help create a last will and testament that states your last wishes, including how you would like certain assets to be distributed to your heirs and who you would like to be the guardian of your minor children.
  • Trusts - A trust can simplify and streamline the process of passing assets to your heirs, while also providing management of your assets for you and your loved ones while you are still alive.
  • Legacy Planning - You can take steps to help ensure that the assets you own are used in the way you wish, including planning for charitable giving or creating discretionary trusts or spendthrift trusts. 
  • Probate - After a person's death, their will is filed in probate court, and probate assets are distributed to their heirs. However, non-probate assets will bypass the probate process and be distributed directly to beneficiaries.
  • Guardianship - Adults who are disabled or unable to care for themselves may have a legal guardian appointed by the court. However, other less restrictive options are available in Wisconsin, including conservatorship, protective services, and supported decision making.
  • Powers of Attorney - To help avoid the need for guardianship, these types of agreements allow a person to name someone who is authorized to make decisions about their healthcare or finances if they become incapacitated.

Other Legal Services

With 15 years of experience across law, tax accounting, trust administration, and financial services, Attorney Angela Frozena can provide legal help in a wide variety of areas, including:

  • Business and Commercial Law - We assist with entity selection and business formation, drafting and reviewing business contracts, and addressing legal issues in business transactions, including vendor management.
  • Real Estate - We provide representation to buyers and sellers of residential real estate, including rental property, and we assist with legal issues related to residential leases.
  • Taxation - We assist with tax planning for individual income taxes and gift taxes, and we assist fiduciaries with filing taxes for the estate of a deceased person and trusts. Common returns we assist with are Forms 1040 (individual income), 1041 (fiduciary income), 706 (estate), and 709 (gift).

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When you need legal guidance about your finances, your business, or your rights regarding your ability to make decisions for yourself, Frozena Law LLC is here for you. To learn more about how we can help you create a smooth path to follow on your life's journey, contact us at 262-237-8668. We serve clients in Kenosha, Sturtevant, Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, Lake Geneva, Bristol, Union Grove, and Racine.

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